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Do you need pass for medical purpose?

Due to the on-going limited staff policy, the application review process may be slow. In-case you have a medical purpose, kindly call us on any of our numbers mentioned below after applying for the pass using the app.

App related queries?

Don't hasitate to Call or Whatsapp us @
+91-6909365653 or +91-7005674272

Note: This helpline is exclusively for app related technical support. We cannot help you regarding your application status.

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Published on 23rd April 2020

We are available on Google Play Store as Twiprasa.
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eCurfew Pass

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Now apply for eCurfew Pass directly from your Android mobile and get approved instantly in all 8 districts of Tripura.

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By the order of DM & Collector, West Tripura. Any pass issued through the COVID Tripura platform shall be considered approved by DM & Collector.

All the submitted applications shall be processed at the office of DM & Collector, West Tripura and accordingly the passes shall be issued subject to submission of required documents.

Feeling Sick?

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We'll help you determine if you need medical attention.

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Directly get connected to businesses serving during the lockdown. And get started from your app directly.

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Emergency Contacts

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Just Swipe Up!

On the dashboard simply swipe up the emergency control panel to see the list of all the emergency contacts in the state dedicated to both nCOVID and Medical Emergencies.

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Staying @ home is a National Duty.

Yes It is!

We all understand that it is difficult to believe that a country where the Missile Man, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam said "if you want to pay respect to my life. Don't spend a holiday on my birthday after me but work an extra day to take this country to growth and prosperity."

And currently we are doing just the opposite of that and also to a huge extent. But a nation is not a nation without it's invaluable citizens. And currently we are so helpless that we can't even raise our helping hand to others in need.

So lets stay at home and follow the rules as set by The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India to keep us, our families and every other fellow Indians safe and help each other to pull through the pendemic caused by the deadly Corona Virus through social distancing.

May God bless our motherland! Jai Hind!

People who made this happen.

Not a one man show, some passionate people made it happen.

DM West
Office of District Magistrate, West Tripura

Dr. Sandeep Mahatme N, IAS

District Megistrate, West Tripura

Dr. Siddharth Shiv Jaiswal, IAS

ADM 1, West Tripura

Er. Pradip Roy

DIO, West Tripura

Directorate of Information Technology, West Tripura

Tanushree Deb Barma, IAS

SECY IT, West Tripura

Er. Salil Das

Director DIT, Wset Tripura

Er. Suprakash Jamatiya

Joint Director, DIT, West Tripura

Er. Bidyut Datta

Joint Director, DIT, West Tripura

Developers of Tripura

Android App Team

Ajoy Shil

Founder Aerodream Technologies Private Limited.

Gourab Saha

Co-founder Chevichef Private Limited.
Admin Portal Team

Arindam Sarkar

Co-founder Auradix Private Limited.

Ashesh Paul

Co-founder Auradix Private Limited.
Graphic Design

Bishal Chakraborty

B.Tech Student, Tripura Institute of Technology.

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